The Team!

Over A Century of Experience

Steven Kramer

Chief Connection Officer

So how is it 35 years after connecting my first systems we have created "The Bridge"? I am convinced it all started as a boy, when asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" the answer was 'Bridge Builder'. Be careful what you ask for in this life, it's most likely to come true. I graduated from College and went to work, for ten years, at T. J. Watson Research Labs, Famous for 'Deep Blue' Chess Machine and 'Watson' the computer Jeopardy Champion, where I filed 22 patents, here is one: Polystyrene-tetrathiafulvalene polymers as deep-ultraviolet mask material US 4543319 A. It was in this role as Research Assistant, 1978, I connected my first two systems, a Lab Instrument to the MVS Mainframe Computer using an IBM Research 'Data Coupler'. For the following five years I worked in a Blue Suit as a Marketing Representative for IBM, attaining 'Rookie of the Year' and 'Hundred Percent Club' the next three years. The next 20 years (see we are at 35 years now) I was full time creating fully integrated systems for corporations. Many of these systems were 'Connected' to other systems though EDI, Web Services or File Upload. That leads us to today where we can connect mobile devices to business systems for competitive advantage, 35 years after connecting that first Lab system.

Oh, and I do have some stories to tell you about the Fortran Programs I wrote and the AS/400's I connected using some of the earliest APIs, however those are stories for another day!

Edgar Von Quednow

Board Member

Communications Expert Engineer with many years of experience developing WAN and MAN Solutions, Custom Wireless communications and devices.

Ricardo Uribio

Board Member

Our Master Mind of Software development; he joined the team in 2005. He is the kind of person t that can convert a huge problem into a five line of code solution.

Guillermo Cotton

Board Member

Working in systems Integration since 2002, he has integrated multiple electronic devices for industrial and medical corporates since the early M2M era and into OLTP systems or OLAP Systems

Cesar Cotton

Board Member

He provides industrial experience, making a difference in terms of developing solutions, presenting to our customers the best results that accommodate the business process.