• The Challenge

    Paper Everywhere! Its costing money to print it, transport it, re-key it, file it, find it, file it, find it again. Oh and then file it for good in a box that never gets looked in again. All a waste of time and money. A necessary evil.. We say NO .. See the Solution!

    The Solution

    Replace your paper based forms with a Digital Form and a Mobile Device. Have us attach your system to "The Bridge" and to the Mobile Form Volia! Your Paper Forms have disappeared and your data is no longer being re-keyed into your system
  • The Bridge

    A revolutionary way to connect systems. "The Bridge" based upon 'KAPI' the Kramer API, will rapidly and non-disruptively connect systems together with its "Universal Connector"

    or as Paolo Solari Said

    .... A bridge is a communication medium as much as a connector. (1970)

  • Old School

    • Long Time to Quote
    • The Consultant Must Go Away to Quote It

    • Expensive
    • Return On Investment, If Any, Is Years

    • Months to Deliver
    • Timeframe Usually Inderterminant

    • Technical Project
    • Who's Got Time to Talk Technical

    • Disruptive to Current System
    • Programs Must Added to Your System

    Current School

    • Immediate Quote
    • We sell from a published price list

    • Inexpensive and VERY fast Return on Investment
    • Most 'Non-Projects' Give Two Month Return on Investment

    • About a Calendar Week
    • The Power of Rapid Time to Market

    • Let's Talk Business
    • And Find Other Ways to Make or Save You Money

    • Some Simple Setup is all that is required..
    • no technical guy required!